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Austin's Communication Station provides speech and occupational therapy for children in a fun, family-friendly environment.

Communication is a process... one that most children accomplish on their own. For some, though, learning to receive, send, and exchange information is not easy...it is a challenge. We are specialists, each with unique talents and areas of expertise, yet sharing a common philosophy. We are dedicated to helping your child experience the joy of communication with you!

In addition to traditional speech- and occupational-therapy methods focusing on one-on-one therapy, Austin's Communication Station also offers a variety of intervention techniques to best serve the needs of each individual child. Our speech-language therapy staff has specialized training in a variety of areas including: applied behavior analysis, Hanen Language Approach, Michelle Garcia Winner programming, Oral Motor techniques, LindaMood Bell techniques, SOS feeding, as well as, many other pediatric therapy techniques. Our Occupational Therapy staff has specialized training and knowledge in sensory integration (including Level 1 SIPT certification, SOS feeding, STAR Center advanced mentorship, Handwriting Without Tears, etc.) and works from a variety of frameworks including neurodevelopmental, sensory integration, motor learning and cognitive-behavioral theories.

As an integral piece of the child’s therapy process, we also provide parent training opportunities, professional training opportunities, school visits, and “parent talk time” after every session to help develop home programs designed to support the generalization of new skills across environments.

This site offers basic information about our practice and resources to assist you in communicating more joyfully and effectively with your child. If you are concerned and trying to decide whether or not your child might benefit from speech-language, occupational, or social-language therapy, look at our resources or frequently asked questions page or contact us for more information. You are always welcome to e-mail us or call (512) 610-1190 and speak to any member of our team.

We are located at 7800 Shoal Creek Blvd, Suite 110W, Austin, TX 78757.